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There is nothing to see here

I should remove all the wordpress folders and put a static html page directing you all elsewhere.
My email boxes are full of failed login attempts and password resets.
Instead I have to clear all that out, run the updates and hope that the hackers don’t find some vector to break in.

Instead go see my pictures on flickr.

Or friend me on facebook. or like my photo page over there.

Or see my rockshots on artrocity.com






Back from the dead!

Changed web hosts this week & realized that this blog hadn’t been used or updated since 2009. The old version of WordPress displayed the posts but I was locked out of the admin. Updated WordPress, changed permissions & added obscure line to the config file & now it lives again!

I have to admit my rants goto Facebook & all my photos goto Flickr so why do I need a personal blog??

Find me on Facebook or see all my photos on Flickr.

Or check out the new & improved artrocity.com w/ live rock photography.