Washington Nationals Misspell Jerseys As Natinals

(MLB) . Majestic apologized for the mistake and took 100% responsibility but how many hands touched this jersey before they took the field?

The chain of command on a project like a MLB uniform must be a long one. Graphic designers w/ proofs back and forth,seamstress, the team’s equipment staff, and the ball players!

No-one thinking outside the box here…

Dunn’s “Natinals” jersey was auctioned off during the fourth annual Dream Gala at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center. The jersey was sold for $8,000, the highest priced item of the night.

Unlike this college basketball team who were thinking outside and inside the box!

“You just won the championship game, what are you gonna do next, Disney????”
“Nah, gonna get me some of that West Vir-gina…”

Letterman, Palin apology and Artie Lange

”I understand why people are upset’| EW.com.

In an extraordinary gesture of conciliation, David Letterman spent a good chunk of the first half of Monday night’s Late Show apologizing for the jokes that so offended Gov. Sarah Palin AGAIN.

His opening words were a sarcastic, “I’m David Letterman,good-will ambassador… I got a call from Mom today. She told me she was siding with the governor.” Talking about how Bernie Madoff’s wife said recently she felt “shunned by friends and neighbors,” he added, “Hey, tell me about it.”

Dave obviously `gets it`, but it is pathetic that he feel like he has to apologize.

Top 10 Reasons Sarah Palin’s “Outrage” is Misplaced and A Little Late…

The National Organization for Women named David Letterman to their Hall of Shame. Will Letterman be joining Jay Leno? Conan O’Brien? Craig Ferguson? Seth Myers? Rush Limbaugh? Or John McCain?”

If anyone has a gripe it should be Alex Rodriguez. The same joke implies that he is a rapist. Even in Alaska, the legal age is just 16.

Make no apologies for performing your craft. Comedian Lange crosses the line on ‘Joe Buck Live’

Artie Lange unleashed a barrage of obscene and homophobic jokes about Buck and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, while calling singer Jessica Simpson a “fat chick” who resembles the late Saturday Night Live comic Chris Farley. At the end of the live taping in Manhattan, Buck thanked Lange for putting an end to his show after one episode. Fellow guest Michael Irvin grabbed the microphone and joked: “It’s refreshing to see white-on white crime.” (!)

This comes right after finding out that Artie is now banned from Conan’s new timeslot. “I’d been on [‘Late Night,’ O’Brien’s previous show] 15 times in the last 11 years, and they were great to me,” Lange, a recovering heroin addict, tells us. “But the last time I was on, they thought I was high, and now they won’t put me on until I prove I’m sober.  Different ball park when you are on the Tonight Show…

Raimundo Pereira: I secretly would like to be __ for a day?

Bissau maintains June 28 for poll despite killings.

BISSAU, June 9 (Reuters) – Guinea-Bissau will hold a presidential election on June 28 as planned, the nation’s interim leader said on Tuesday, a week after the killings of two senior politicians cast doubt over the poll.

Cast Doubt? It would be if last Halloween, they killed Cheney and Condoleezza.  Pereira became interim leader in March after the assassination of then President Joao Bernardo Vieira. “As for the murders last week, the government says Dabo and Proenca were plotting a coup to overthrow interim president Pereira and kill the new army chief navy commander Jose Zamora Induta and prime minister Carlos Gomes Junior. They were killed when soldiers came to arrest them, the authorities claim.”
Pereira seems like a nice guy and all and who wouldn’t want to be president for a day but it doesn’t seem like you’d get much sleep at nights!

Americans can’t do shit.

GM Opel deal – sources – May. 29, 2009.

Tentative Opel deal reached

GM and the Canadian auto-parts maker Magna agree to a $2.1B bridge financing framework.

Chrysler CEO says Fiat deal to close

https://i2.wp.com/www.guitarsandaudio.com/extras/shite/DunceCap.jpg?resize=315%2C322The automaker wants to sell its stronger operations to a “New Chrysler” owned by Italy’s Fiat , labor unions and the U.S. and Canadian governments, in exchange for $2 billion paid to lenders.

Toyota, Honda and Volkswagen are all kicking our butts at making cars that people want.

Never could make electronics. Sony,Nintendo,Toshiba…

Don’t even make beer. BUD is now Anheuser-Busch InBev.  The Coors Brewing Company is a regional division of the world’s fifth-largest brewing company, the Molson Coors Brewing Company. I think Sam Adams is the last ‘mass market’ American beer you can buy.

Can’t make steel. Been to PA?

What do we make?

Nobu: Skip our delicious fish

Renowned Restaurant Nobu Warns Diners Not to Eat Its Endangered Tuna – International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News – FOXNews.com.

MMmmm sushi…

Celebrity hotspot and renowned Japanese restaurant Nobu has written a note to diners  warning them not to eat the bluefin tuna on the menu because it is endangered.

It calls the $50 dish on its own menu “environmentally challenged.” It asks patrons to “ask your server for an alternative.” … estimates breeding stocks could disappear in just three years, because his Japanese chefs insist upon it.

Delinquent Mortgages, Foreclosures Hit Record High – washingtonpost.com

Delinquent Mortgages, Foreclosures Hit Record High – washingtonpost.com.

About 12.07 percent of mortgage loans were delinquent or in the foreclosure process during the first quarter, according to the survey by the Mortgage Bankers Association, an industry group. That is the highest ever recorded by the survey, which dates back to 1972. The figure reflects an 8 percent increase compared to the first quarter of 2008.

“The original delinquency and foreclosure problems had a lot to do with loan terms – the toxic mortgages with interest rates that reset higher,” said Nicholas Retsinas, the director of Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies. “Now we’re back to the more traditional reasons why loans go bad. If people don’t have jobs, they can’t pay their mortgages.”

On the other hand if you do have a job then now is the time to buy property or refinance. We are trying to do a 4.75 15 year now that will save us $400 a month!  “The rich get richer. The poor get the picture. The bombs never hit you when you’re down so low…”

Pet Stems

This really is too much fun. I just wish I had a better musical ear. Regardless of my talent, here’s another remix from Stems and Seeds.

Last night when the president was on saying that ‘ we shall overcome ‘,  I was surfing and found this great site with all types of musical rarities. It’s a blog called Never Get Out of the Boat . Among other things I discovered an ‘a cappella’ version of the classic Pet Sounds LP by the Beach Boys. I’m not a big Beach Boys fan ( the only recording I own by them is Smile which was given to me) but this remixing thing had me intrigued.

I took the basic piano and strings from Kylie From Connecticut and spliced up the vocals from I Know There’s An Answer to come up w/ “I Know There’s a Kylie from CT”…  Honestly I never heard the original Beach Boys track before last night and I personally like “Ben’s” backing track to this better than the original.

Download and Enjoy…

One more gift…

Promise, this is the last one of these remixes for a while. Be sure to collect all three!

This one is a reggae dub version of Free Coffee. The backing track is from King Tubby Studio Vs Channel One Studio, a track called Another Extra From The King. I think this is the best of the three in the way  it flows, no awkward breaks or mixes…

Download Another Free Coffee from the King by King Ben Tubby Folds.

Live(!) Ben Folds MP3

Just got Ben Folds latest Stems and Seeds and been having fun w/ the isolated tracks that you can bring into GarageBand or its PC equivalence.

Stems and Seeds
Stems and Seeds

Elusively from this web site you can download Bitch Went Nuts (live) remixed by Artrocity.

I was trying to go for a more punky feel and ended up removing most of the pianos (sorry Ben!) 😉
It’s pretty primitive at points but I’m digging it.

Honestly I’m just blown away by the whole packaging. You get the original tracks remixed, the fake release, and all the individual bits and pieces so you can mix it up anyway you would like. I can’t imagine what trouble I would be in now if I had access to this type of technology then.

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