Who pays for Porn ? You will!

Porn industry seeks own stimulus … package – CNBC TV- msnbc.com.

TMZ is reporting that Hustler’s Larry Flynt and “Girls Gone Wild” creator Joe Francis are asking for a $5 billion federal bailout of adult entertainment because “the economy has made America’s appetite for sex go limp.”

…Porn may not be as recession-proof as originally thought. Not only are people spending less, but there’s a lot of free competition available.”

The demand for porn will always be there its just that there are too many FREE options. The gov’t should not be involved in subsidizing the entertainment industies.  Porn and TV are luxuries!

another thought on this…

When the gov’t bailed out the banks and the auto industry, they got an equity share in the companies.
I can’t imagine that the gov’t will want to become stakeholders in smut…

Follow up on Digital TV Transition | Techdirt

Consumers Union Wants Congress To Delay Digital TV Transition | Techdirt.

10 years in the making and now we are just a month away and these last minute mf’ers want to call the whole thing off .

The FCC has already collected Billions on the auctioning of this spectrum and already spent the money bailing out the banks.

Sorry chumps, you’ll have to learn to live w/o Oprah or shell out $40 to buy the box to hook to your rabbit ears and tinfoil.

TV Converter Program Runs Out of Coupons – washingtonpost.com

TV Converter Program Runs Out of Coupons – washingtonpost.com.


“Each household is eligible to order two $40 coupons, which expire after 90 days.
…a record 7.2 million coupons were ordered in December
…As of yesterday, 46.2 million coupons have been requested, but only 18.6 million have been redeemed, according to the NTIA.”

Another big waste of our taxpayers dollars. Subsidizing the television industry! Are there really 46 million people out there with rabbit ears that need these things or are they all waiting in line for their gov’t cheese? “i’m lactose intolerant but i need me my free cheese!”

Plus, Ive been waiting for this transition for 5 years as I’ve been waiting for more HD content to become available. The Gov’t has been pushing this deadline up every year since 2007 (i think) and all these last minute mf’ers are ordering their boxes in Dec!

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