European steelmakers warn U.S. over ‘Buy America’

European steelmakers warn U.S. over ‘Buy America’ – Jan. 29, 2009.

“The U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday passed the provision, which requires public works projects funded by the bill to use only U.S.-made iron and steel.”

“If a bill is passed which prohibits the sale or purchase of European goods on American territory, that is not something we will stand idly by and ignore,” Commission spokesman Peter Power told a regular news briefing.

“It is a protectionist measure which goes against the commitment made to the G20 to keep markets open,” Eurofer said.

“It is against the interests of the U.S. consumer since the U.S. has a deficit in steel and must import to meet consumption needs.”

And here lies the problem:

Bethlehem Steel

We don’t make steel anymore. Ever been to Bethlehem or Allentown PA or Detroit for that matter?  So sad, miles of empty rundown warehouses…

Now we want to invest in the US infrastructure and build bridges, roads, nuclear power plants and the gov’t has decided we can only ‘Buy American’.  It really shows out of touch our leaders are as we have lost the skills to perform these basic tasks.

Want to reduce our dependency on foreign oil and build a nuclear power plant?  We can’t do it! A huge single cast steel chamber needs to be created and there is nowhere in America equipped to manufacture such a beast. In fact the only place they are currently being made is in China.

Want to build bridges and dams? Sorry. What used to be the second largest steel manufacture is now a CASINO. Bethlehem Steel supplied all the materials for the George Washington Bridge,Golden Gate Bridge,Chrysler Building,Empire State Building,Madison Square Garden,Rockefeller Center,Bonneville Dam,Grand Coulee Dam,Hoover Dam. In 2007 when they were planning  “redevelopment of an industrial site” they needed 16,000 tons of steel to build the casino and had difficulty finding structural steel for construction.  They ended up recycling structures on site and buying steel overseas.

The gov’t doesn’t want it to seem that much of the billions set aside for the stimulus plan will end up overseas but is that really a bad thing. Its just not the American economy that’s hurting, its the whole world.  Maybe if we start buying the world’s steel up, they will start ‘Buying American’  by supporting the only thing we can produce: Entertainment.  Or they can come visit our casinos and bet it all on black.

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